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Kevin V. Frome

The original battle for symbolism

Welcome To The Kevin Muller Game!!!
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Welcome all, to the one and only Kevin Muller Game! That's right, you too can be part of the action, the dramam, the sarcasm! Watch or join in the fun as Kevin battles against the forces of Symbolism and Depressive Literature! Each day a post will appear detailing Kevin's harrowing journey and the obstacles he faces. You too can be part of the posting fun! Apply for a character based on those below, or you may audition for the honor of being co-moderator/narrator. Onlookers and other lurkers are incouraged to create a personality and "appear" randomly to help either side (note: such characters have limited capabilities for fighting).

The official Game:
note: levels denote the intensity of commitment expected from players. Appearance will be randomized at the discression of the moderators

Kevin Muller - His strength lies in his creativity where he can create rhymes with ease and his love of female country singers. His powers include 'the ignorance wave' where he complains about symbolism and eventually his opponents kill themselves because of their frustration and disgust, he can play American Idol cds which weaken his opponents, his rhymes, short parody stories, he can stab people with his hair, and drown them in nose bleeds. His weaknesses are symbolism, cds that aren't American Idol or Reba related, bad comments on his Lj, and poetry that doesn't rhyme. His super power is summoning the Lj goat to act as a grenade but this LJ goat can sometimes backfire if bad Lj comments are thrown at it.

Level 1: Roger - his special attack is he can harm Kevin by throwing Tori Amos and Fiona Apple cds, write horrible LJ comments, and freeze Kevin reflect Kevin's attacks using his AIM Block attack. He has a height advantage but his weakness is in his shins and his fear of snakes and Connick homework.

Level 2: Rebecca - She is stronger than the average woman and event the average man and her special attacks are breaking Muller's bones with textbooks, biting his throat and sucking his blood, and throwing Angela who bites off Kevin's head if she comes in contact with him. Weaknesses are American Idol music, ripping up the books she beats Kevin with, and men with long hair who look like women.

Level 3: Mr A. - His strength is in his army of mindless students and the drama club who listen and obey his command. Special attacks are sending his minions after Kevin, strangling him with an assortment of pretty and unique ties, and hypnotizing him with movies and books about Arthur Miller and Kazan. Mr A. can easily be defeated by shaving off his beard or reciting rhyming poetry to him which paralyzes him with awe for a while.

Level 4: Delcampo - Most of Kevin's attacks do not affect Delcampo. If Kevin recites his rhyming poetry Delcampo is not harmed and he actually absorbs Muller's words and then shoots them back to Muller in a 'reversed why rhyming poetry sucks' tirade. He can also throw his students at Muller and beat him to death with literature. His only weakness is his need for Kevin's submissions into drumbeat so if Kevin throws enough short non rhyming stories at him Delcampo will eventually fall.

Level 5: Lingardo - Lingardo has the power to throw both Rebecca Levin and Roger at Muller and they are able to use their attacks on him. She also has karate skillz and a sword that can slice through Kevin's ignorance wave. She can also lower his ego and weaken his self esteem by insulting his intelligence. But if Kevin combines his ignorance with his rhymes she will eventually fall out of exhaustion. Also she can fall out of a window.

Level 6: Ethan Frome Himself - His special powers are 'sleigh ride of doom' which can lower Kevin's health down to 5 putting him into a death in life state, he can strangle Kevin with an assortment of red ribbons, he can throw pickle dishes, and his super power is to throw his wife at Kevin who will be greatly weakened by her nagging and complaining. Weaknesses are the mentioning of Mattie, hitting him in his deformed areas, and having his Zenobia attack reflected back to him. If Ethan is killed he has the power to come back to life but as a Zombie.

Bonus Level (may be played by Frome or onlooker upon request): Zombie Frome - He can only be killed by decapitation, none of Kevin's powers work on him and Zombie Frome has the power to resurect Lingardo. Kevin must steal Lingardo's sword and using it to chop off Ethan's head, by using Lingardo's sword against her beloved Ethan she will then kill herself and Muller will win and future classes will learn that Ethan was a pathetic and stupid man.

Moderators/Narrators: (The current layout allows for up to 3)Moderators and narrators are responsible for ensuring that the characters live up to their roles. Narrators are expected to conviene or set up schedual of alternation in order to write the settings each day. They are in charge of who will meet, what objects will be available in the room, and general aesthetics. Indication as to the presence of windows is expected.

DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES??? Then sign up today!!!

Angela: Rieoko
Kevin: Electrice79
Mr.A: Oceanhawk
Chris/the Kevin sidekick: dkitsune_647
Rebecca: pet_the_zebu


An Inanna's Pet Production
From the Conceptializing of Oceanhawk and Rieoko
Adapted from the blog "Kevin Muller - The Video Game" by Rieoko