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Oh yes they both reached for the sled

In order to obtain the character identity of your choice, please fill out the following application.

1. What is the character you wish to be?
2. Is this a designated character or are you creating your own?
3. Why do you feel you are qualified to be said character?
4. Explain your perception of the character.
5. Any additional comment?

***Optional Questions for Moderator/Narrators only:
1. Are you willing to commit at least biweekly time to this position?
2. Do you feel that you work better with a team or solo?

Thank you all for your applications. They will be considered by any future moderators and myself.

Posting application as a separate post titled "Read Into Me" would be highly appriciated. If you don't know how to accomplish this, the application may be placed in a comment (Which I will repost).

Note: Cynical remarks are often rewarded.

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