Kristina (pet_the_zebu) wrote in kevin_v_frome,

Read into me. Or something. In any case, I want to play.

1. What is the character you wish to be?
I want to play as Rebecca Levin or Mrs. Lingardo
2. Is this a designated character or are you creating your own?
These are both designated, I believe
3. Why do you feel you are qualified to be said character?
Well, I suppose I'm not as cool as them though I hope to give it my all.
4. Explain your perception of the character.
Erm. Well. Rebecca enjoys books a lot, so I feel this strengh is most excellent. Rebecca is also a strong woman, so go her.
Mrs. Lingardo is just plain awesome.
5. Any additional comment?
I don't quite understand how to play the game, so we'll just wing it, ne?
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