que!? (dkitsune_647) wrote in kevin_v_frome,

1. What is the character you wish to be?
I would like to play me, I'd like to play Kevin's apathetic sidekick/partner but I could do a minion or what not

2. Is this a designated character or are you creating your own?
If you mean if it was on the list or not then yes I suppose I am creating my own character.

3. Why do you feel you are qualified to be said character?
I feel I can best represent the nonchalantness that is Chris Johnson best because I am myself.

4. Explain your perception of the character.
Chris Johnson is essentially around for the ride. He is naturally quiet and more interesting than he makes himself out to be. If Chris has any attacks they would consist of an aura of apathy that negates positive and negative status effects, incoherent mumblings that shock and confuse, shurikens created from magic cards, and the nearly infinite stationary supplies contained within his bag and pockets.

5. Any additional comment?
I would possess several hundred shurikens in real life
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