The Sproingy NotDani (oceanhawk) wrote in kevin_v_frome,
The Sproingy NotDani

The symbolism of it all

1. What is the character you wish to be?

I would love to be Mr. Delcampo or Mr. A. I feel I could accurately portray either one. But I might be better off at Mr. A. Yes, A would probably be better for me.

2. Is this a designated character or are you creating your own?

It is a designated character.

3. Why do you feel you are qualified to be said character?

Well, I was present when Angela was formulating this wonderful idea, so I know, you see. I don't know in a Biblical sense, though. But also, I am destined to be Mr. A when I grow up, and I had him two periods a day last year, and have put up with him for four years of Drama. Now that's a lot of A! I don't know what I meant by that.

4. Explain your perception of the character.

Mr. A is a dillusional little Italian hobbit that loves to hate being a teacher. He wants to be an artist but can't quite make it, and this frustrates him. He tries to get away from his hippie stereotype, but he can't because it isn't just a stereotype, it is the truth. Also, he is eternally optimistic for most other people, but such an emo kid when it comes to himself.

5. Any additional comment?

It's around 2:30am. If this is an incoherent entry, then that's why.
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