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Read Into Me

1. What is the character you wish to be?

Oh, I would crash into an elm tree and be maimed for the rest of my life and stuck with my bitchy wife and ex-girlfriend just for the opportunity to play as Kevin Muller in this game. I might even wear a red scarf.

2. Is this a designated character or are you creating your own?

It is a designated character.

3. Why do you feel you are qualified to be said character?

Mostly because I actually am Kevin Muller, so I feel I can relate to my own character's obsession with literal perception and eternal optimism even in the face of bleak Starkfield winters.

4. Explain your perception of the character.

I believe that Kevin Muller is a naturally shy and arguably bland person who attempts to gain attention from those around him by making ridiculous statements about literature meant to oppose everyone else. He also loves to be difficult. However, I think he does, somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind, agree with what comes out of his mouth. But I guess no one can completely understand Kevin Muller.

5. Any additional comment?

Ethan Frome is a terrible book.

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